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Hello, Dollface

Saturday, Aug. 12, 2017, 7:30 pm Hello, Dollface in Concert Admission: $20

The music of Hello, Dollface unfolds with unexpected flashes of color – a flower blossoming in the desert, the fractured kaleidoscope of your favorite daydream, a voyage into a twilight, streaked with the soothing hues of a summer evening. Their dizzying, ever shifting, hallucinogenic visions drift along like the perfumed vapors arising from a Minotaurs cave or the green flash of a forest glimpsed through a tiny keyhole. The group is a five-headed monster, a good witch meets Medusa kind of thing, moving in every direction at the same time. Think soul cataclysm, the wail of a Warrior Goddess, driven by dub-conscious indie rockers, a jazz-inspired bubbling cosmic soup, all stirred by a heavy backbeat.

The creative explosion that gave birth to the Hello, Dollface phenomenon took place in Southwest Colorado. Vocal powerhouse Ashley Edwards wandered through Spain, Sweden, Vietnam and China, trying to save the world with a song and a smile. After landing in the Rockies, she collided with bass player Jesse Ogle. Hed just quit a West Coast electro jazz/funk band for the serenity of the high desert. Intent on creating something bigger than a band, they envisioned a dynamic musical community that would bring musicians, students and audience together in a spirit of cooperation, rather than competition from this, the core of Hello, Dollface and iAM MUSIC was complete.