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Sat., Apr. 20, 2019, 7:30 pm

Forest Sun with Enion Pelta-Tiller & David Tiller (TAARKA)»

Born in upstate New York to folksinging back-to-the-land hippie parents (Forest’s dad literally built the floor that Bob Dylan stood on at manager Albert Grossman’s Bearsville studios in Woodstock, NY).  His mom heard Pete Seeger and Joan Baez play in her uncles’ living room in Boston and dated one of the Chambers Brothers before she…

Fri., Apr. 26, 2019, 7:30 pm

Thom Chacon»

Thom Chacon, the Durango, Colorado balladeer has released his third studio album, Blood In The USA, on Pie Records/ Appaloosa Records. The 9-song manifesto, filled with stories of redemption, has the kind of inviting melodicism that will sweep listeners into his deeper meanings. With an organic backdrop of acoustic guitar and harmonica, along with Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan)…

Wed., May 15, 2019, 7:30 pm

Ben Dickey in Concert»

For a guy whose career has evolved more by serendipity than design, Ben Dickey’s professional journey has turned into one heckuva ride. Its not every day an obscure musician’s famous actor/ director friend hands him the lead in a passion-project indie film, and he not only winds up sharing the screen with one of his…