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Tony Furtado

Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, 7:30 pm Tony Furtado at GiG Admission: $29 | $32 at the door

Tony Furtado is a major musical force without a doubt. He has his black-belt in voice and bottleneck guitar and his banjo playing scares the crap out of me.– David Lindley, musical adventurer

Very few musicians of any stripe so personify a musical genre as completely as Tony Furtado embodies Americana roots music. Tony is an evocative and soulful singer, a wide-ranging songwriter and a virtuoso multi-instrumentalist adept on banjo, cello-banjo, slide guitar and baritone ukulele who mixes and matches sounds and styles with the flair of a master chef (he’s also an accomplished sculptor, but thats another story). All of the music of America is in Tonys music. Relix hit the nail on the head when writing of Tony: True talent doesn’t need categories.

Furtado has recorded and produced nearly a dozen CDs and describes his latest, The Bell, as the most personal of his career. It represents a return to Tony’s banjo-playing roots, the original songs concern such weighty themes as the loss of his father, the birth of his son and his own creative rebirth with the move to a new record label and management team; his working band is featured; and, most important of all, this is the first album in a long time on which Tony had complete artistic control. It’s his music, done his way.

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