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Thursday, May 4, 2017, 7:30 pm (open 7 pm) Sonospheric Admission: $20

Sonospheric combines the best qualities of digital, analog, and acoustic instruments to create compelling grooves and soundscapes. Their original compositions unfold in cinematic gestures as the performers listen carefully to one another, realizing a unique and compelling approach to improvisation.

Sonospheric is a new project of some of the most established instrumentalists in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Veteran collaborator and bandleader Dave Wayne (Orn Etc, Shake Alert) plays drums and drum machine. Jazz bassist and composer Casey Andersen (The Mitochondriacs) plays contrabass and synthesizer. And Classical pianist and composer Grisha Krivchenia(Lifesongs, Finding Refuge) plays a variety of keyboard instruments with and without digital processing.

The aggregate effect of this alliance is music that is adventurous yet accessible. Sonospheric invites dance as well as contemplation. You want to hear this.

Presented in collaboration with Southwest Roots Music and The Kitchen Sink Recording Studio