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Chris Smither

Sunday, July 22, 2018, 7:30 pm Chris Smither in Santa Fe Admission: $29 | $32 at the door

Wise words pour forth from Chris Smither – observations and aphorisms, similes and internal rhymes, run-on sentences and concise quips, all in a conversational flow. The careful construction of Smithers lyrics is a thing of beauty and the bedrock of his bluesy folk music. Smither is an excellent acoustic guitarist and first-rate foot-stomper– Associated Press

The bluesmen of the Delta and the Appalachian mountaineers made timeless art with just voice, guitar, and a stomping foot. And that is the root of New Orleans native Chris Smither’s style, an insistent, understated groove featuring his trademark deft fingerpicking. The uninitiated, listening to Smither play live, might think two or even three musicians are pounding away. But it’s just one man, guitar in hand, foot stomping, voice sure and steady.

A master of delicate, intricate finger-picked melodies, Smither is perhaps the most talented contemporary American artist to wed the muscular Mississippi Delta with the smokey Appalachians. For going on five decades, guitar-heads have been drawn to his blues-derived fretwork. The more poetic among us admire the “edge” of his seemingly casually tossed-off lyrics. Smither’s latest critically acclaimed disc is Call Me Lucky, his first set of new originals in six years.